Best of 2014 – My Top-14 Recipes of the Year

Happy New Year everyone!

To celebrate the end of my first year as a food blogger, I looked back at the posts I published and picked my own top 14 recipes. Throughout the year, I posted over 90 of them so I hope this selection of some personal favorites makes your job easier when browsing at the recipe index. To be honest, food blogging’s been much more challenging and time consuming than I thought it would be, but oh so satisfying! Scrolling through my recipes, I realize that this initially small project of mine turned into something much bigger than I expected. I am really proud of my work, which I can now call my favorite hobby and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. So without further ado… I present Stovetop Story‘s 2014, top-14 recipes (in no particular order)! Here’s to another great year!

1. Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash  DSC_0052

The delicious taste of caramelized squash combined with the nutty flavor of the grains.

2. Heart Warming Winter Salad

DSC_0265What “Fall” would look like as a salad.

3. Sweet Potato Gnocchi with a Brown Butter and Sage SauceDSC_0269

Comfort food at its best.

4. Lentil “Meatballs” with a Cherry Tomato-Red Pepper Sauce

DSC_0031A wonderful meatless alternative to meatballs!

5. Shake it up with Shakshuka!  DSC_0067

Not your basic eggs benny.

6. Lemony, Basil and Thyme Ricotta Pasta

DSC_2161Creamy. Dreamy. Lemony.

7. Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Bayonne Ham                       

DSC_0639Rainbow is the new orange.

8. Shaved Asparagus Spring Salad with a Parmesan-Lemon DressingDSC_0239

Runny yolks > everything.

9. The Best Homemade Falafel

DSC_0072No binders, no problem.

10. Creamy Acorn Squash LinguineDSC_0001

But creamy without cream.

11. Grilled Zucchini Roll-Ups with Black Truffle Ricotta

DSC_0091Little bites of heaven.

12. Wintery Red Split Lentils and Turnip Soup

DSC_0083-2Brace yourselves, winter is coming.

13. My Vegetarian Bibimbap – Korean Mixed Rice Bowl

DSC_0195Korean rice dish that’s better than fried rice.

14. Acorn Squash, Brown Rice and Chickpeas Veggie Burger

DSC_0168Back to basics.


15 thoughts on “Best of 2014 – My Top-14 Recipes of the Year

  1. Wow! All of these look delicious! Too bad I just decided to diet from today in a bid to lose some holiday weight and now you have me tempted 😛

  2. Wow your food looks amazing and your photographs! What camera do you use if you don’t mind me asking, do you use special lighting?

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