One Sweet Potato, Three Meals: Sweet Potato-Millet Patties with Spinach




Another week, and two other sweet potato recipes to come! Using the second third of my *gigantic* spud, I chose to make some delicious Sweet Potato-Spinach-Millet patties. For these, I was inspired by two recipes: the quinoa patties from Heidi Swanson’s cookbook, and the pumpkin patties from My Darling Lemon-Thyme. Both of them provided me with a great base for some kitchen-improvisation. As I told you last week, I’m trying to make very different recipes with few ingredients, so I figured patties would be a good way to combine them together under a different shape. Continue reading “One Sweet Potato, Three Meals: Sweet Potato-Millet Patties with Spinach”


Warm Farro, Apple, Feta and Tomato Salad




“Another day, another salad”. That seems to be my motto these days. I’m on a salad roll for real, as I’ve been trying to take advantage of seasonal produce as much as possible. That’s actually one of my favorite things about the end of Summer/beginning of Autumn. All the amazing new vegetables that start popping up on farmer’s markets’ tables! I buy way too many vegetables when I go, and I know it when I technically don’t need to go, but I can’t help myself and it’s always a part of my Saturday ritual.

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