Pan-Fried Giant Butter Beans, Mushrooms and Spinach




Hello everyone and happy belated Valentine’s day! These past few weeks have been a little crazy for me (more details to come in future posts), but I should be back to a regular posting schedule this week. Yay!

The “Food” section on the New York Times has to be one of my favorite free-time reads. I read it all: the recipes, the restaurant reviews, the random opinion pieces… you name it, I probably read it! Not only is it well-written, but it can also be surprisingly interesting. I mean, I’ve learned about so many random things ranging from traditions and ingredients, all the way to chefs and hottest trends. Most recently, I stumbled upon a fun little article about Marcella Hazan’s favorite beans. I told you… random. But I still read it! Continue reading “Pan-Fried Giant Butter Beans, Mushrooms and Spinach”


One Sweet Potato, Three Meals: Sweet Potato-Millet Patties with Spinach




Another week, and two other sweet potato recipes to come! Using the second third of my *gigantic* spud, I chose to make some delicious Sweet Potato-Spinach-Millet patties. For these, I was inspired by two recipes: the quinoa patties from Heidi Swanson’s cookbook, and the pumpkin patties from My Darling Lemon-Thyme. Both of them provided me with a great base for some kitchen-improvisation. As I told you last week, I’m trying to make very different recipes with few ingredients, so I figured patties would be a good way to combine them together under a different shape. Continue reading “One Sweet Potato, Three Meals: Sweet Potato-Millet Patties with Spinach”

One Sweet Potato, Three Meals: Warm Fall Salad with a Yogurt-Cider Dressing




“Two words, eleven letters, say it and I’m yours”. S w e e t  P o t a t o.

There’s something so comforting about sweet potatoes. They never fail to brighten up a dish. The subtle sweetness and the richness they bring to the plate always hits the spot for me. I absolutely love to add some roasted cubes to any salad I make, or as a simple side dish. Continue reading “One Sweet Potato, Three Meals: Warm Fall Salad with a Yogurt-Cider Dressing”