The Best Homemade Falafel




What’s not to like about falafel? These precious little balls of fried chickpea dough, mixed with herbs and onions, come close to the perfect treat. They’re crispy on the outside, while remaining moist and tender inside. Packed with protein, falafel can top any sandwich/salad to make a good dish even better and keep you full longer.

The one hitch is that there’s an infinite number of ways to make them, and most aren’t good or don’t work. The first time I tried actually, was a miserable failure. When it came to frying the dough, each ball disintegrated in the oil and left me with nothing to eat, and a whole lot of wasted time. I was so upset that I decided not to make falafel ever again. Ever?


Not until recently at least, when I found a recipe that didn’t use any binding agents, which really intrigued me. While most recipes use flour, eggs, chickpea flour, water or all kinds of agents for them to hold their shape, I found out that you don’t need any! A good falafel should be able to keep it together on its own, and the only imperative condition for this to work is to use dried chickpeas, soaked overnight, instead of canned ones.


This recipe works perfectly every time and makes incredibly delicious and light falafel, free from “binders”. Finally I prefer not to deep fry them, for extra health and an even better taste. Bon appétit!

Total time: 15 minutes (and 12 hours to soak dried chickpeas)


  • 50 grams dried chickpeas (about 2 oz)
  • 1/4 small yellow onion
  • a handful of fresh parsley
  • a good pinch of baking soda
  • a pinch of cumin
  • a pinch of paprika
  • salt & pepper
  • vegetable oil


  1. The day before, cover the dried chickpeas with water in a large bowl, and let them soak overnight. They will triple volume so make sure that your bowl is big enough.
  2. To make the falafel, drain and dry the chickpeas and put them in a food processor. Add the parsley, the onion roughly chopped, the spices, baking soda, and salt & pepper. Pulse until the chickpeas are broken down in tiny pieces and the mixture starts to look like a paste. Don’t over mix it, as it should only be sticky, not mushy.
  3. Using your hands, make small balls using all the mixture and set them aside.
  4. Heat some vegetable oil in a pan. Cook the falafel on medium-high heat, until golden brown. This should only take a few minutes on each side. Enjoy with a tahini dressing (here), sriracha, and salad tossed in a pita.



Temps total: 15 minutes (12h pour laisser tremper les pois chiches)


  • 50g de pois chiches déshydratés
  • 1/4 de petit oignon blanc (émincé)
  • une grosse poignée de persil frais
  • une bonne pincée de bicarbonate de soude
  • une pincée de cumin
  • une pincée de paprika
  • sel et poivre
  • huile végétale


  1. La nuit précédente, recouvrez les pois chiches déshydratés d’eau et laissez les tremper pendant toute la nuit. Ils vont tripler de volume donc assurez-vous de prendre un bol assez grand.
  2. Pour faire les falafels, égouttez les pois chiches et séchez-les bien. Mettez-les dans le bol d’un robot, et ajoutez le persil, l’oignon émincé, les épices, le bicarbonate de soude, le sel et le poivre. Mixez les ingrédients jusqu’à ce que le mélange ressemble à une pâte avec les pois chiches en tout petits morceaux. Veillez à ne pas trop mixer, pour éviter que le mélange ne perde toute sa texture, il faut juste qu’il colle.
  3. Formez des petites boules du mélange avec vos mains, et mettez les de coté.
  4. Faites chauffer de l’huile végétale dans une poêle, et faites revenir les falafels à feu moyen-fort, jusqu’à ce qu’ils dorent (quelques minutes seulement de chaque côté). Dégustez les seuls, ou fourrés dans une pita avec une sauce au tahini (ici), de la sriracha et de la salade.

5 thoughts on “The Best Homemade Falafel

  1. This looks great! Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be trying this recipe this week!

  2. Great minds think alike!! I also just posted a falafel recipe ha! And it also has no binding agents. Mine are baked though, so probably not quite as crispy and beautiful looking as yours! Gorgeous pictures x

    1. I’ve always wanted to try a baked version of falafel as well! I’ll make sure to try your recipe first!

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